Hey everyone!

Later today, we will be making a small change to all game modes. Instead of going to maintenance mode for 1 hour every Sunday at 3pm server time, the servers will now restart daily at 9am server time.

This change should make the servers more stable in the long run and also avoid unnecessary downtime during the weekends. Individual servers may still be put into maintenance mode manually for a short period of time if needed.

The other reason for this change is that the new upcoming game mode "Dungeons" requires daily restarts to reset all dungeons and hand out daily bonus gold for all players, and it felt weird to only restart this game mode at a fixed time, when others can still benefit from it.

The change will be applied around 8pm server time today, so expect a quick restart on all game modes.

See you on the servers!
Royal Arena has been updated and some changes have been made to make the game feel more dynamic.

  • Monsters now longer have a fixed immunity. This makes it possible for multiple enemies to hit a monster at once, and the damage will still count. This makes swarms of monsters much more effective.
  • The Vindicator now has his axe again. It was lost during the 1.12 update due to a bug.
  • The Warden Skeletons & The King Skeleton now have slightly more armor.
  • The Armored Pig now has much more armor. This should make it an effective tank for enemy Vindicators & swarms.
  • Skeleton Archers now follow the strafing AI. They will try to circle around an enemy to avoid accidentally shooting their own teammates, and thus not having their hit counted. This can cause some odd behavior sometimes, as Minecraft is weird with strafing for some reasons, but all in all it's pretty much working as intended.

More cards will also be released soon, as well as the ability to change the deck you're playing with! (This has been a long time coming anyway)

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
The servers have now been updated to main version 1.12.

You can still connect using all Minecraft clients from 1.6 upwards, however it is recommended that you use the latest version, or at least 1.11.

Due to Mythic Survival's custom world generation, it has not been updated yet. An estimated time for the update can not be given yet, as it is dependant on other plugin developers. For the time being, you will have to use Minecraft version 1.11.2 or lower in order to play Mythic Survival.

Have fun playing!
It's been quite some time since you have seen this one, but it's now back!

The Credit Store has finally reopened, with the first two items being the Loot Box and the Mega Loot Box, which can be purchased and placed down at the quartz areas of Mythic Survival's spawn. Every player can click the loot boxes to receive a special item.

Regular loot boxes give out a rare or higher quality special item, while Mega Loot Boxes give out guaranteed Legendaries! And the best thing is: Everyone wins!

But wait: It gets better! Every player gets 1,000 FREE Credits once they sign up! That's 2 loot boxes you get FOR FREE!

During the coming weeks, there will be more items added to the Credit Store, including but not limited to server-wide honor boosts for ALL servers and a server-wide bounty boost for Mythic Survival, so stay tuned!

You can access the Credit Store here: http://hardcore-minecraft-pvp.com/credit-store
Fellow players!

We now have an official Discord server for HCMCPVP! Join us at https://discord.gg/T48uctr

This should make it easier for players to coordinate when to play together and the like. However, if you want something to be seen by staff, the forums are still your best bet.

Have fun and see you on Discord!
What's that? Oh yeah, that's right!

You now no longer specifically need 1.11.2 to connect & play on the servers. In fact, most versions will do! I've just connected to Mythic Survival with Minecraft 1.8 and it works like a charm! So if you're sick of switching in between versions when connecting to a different server, you can now use almost anything to connect to ours!

Please note that 1.11.2 is still the recommended version for players. If you use lower versions, you run the risk of newer items/mobs not appearing the way they're supposed to. However, everything works the same!

The voting system is now fully implemented. Voting for the server yields 1,000 honor per website, per day! So as of right now, you can get 2,000 honor every day by voting alone. You can vote for us here: http://hardcore-minecraft-pvp.com/vote/

Keep in mind that the top 10 players on the leaderboards receive a FREE 1 month Premium Membership at the end of each month, so get out there and VOTE! :)

In other news, Dungeons will be ready soon! I can't pin down an exact release date YET, but it will be in July for sure! Probably around the 15th.

Everything else is now finished, so my next focus will be working on Dungeons. *maybe* it will even come with the server-wide update to 1.12? Who knows...
Yes, it's about time for one of these again. After all, we didn't have a website overhaul for almost 2 years ;)

This overhaul brings no new features, however it makes the home page a lot prettier, and easier to navigate.

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
It's sad to see red eyed Steve go, I know... but from the shadows, a new figure emerges!

He's kinda hotheaded, as you can see by the flames coming from his head. Also, he loves chewing carrots, but is never able to swallow them for some strange reason.

By now, he's all over the servers, the website, and any other sites this server is listed on. Without further adieu, I present to you: Vatroslav!

The chances outlined in this post are now live. Changes that have been crossed out will be added in the next update. Now get out there and slay some bosses!