Yes, it's about time for one of these again. After all, we didn't have a website overhaul for almost 2 years ;)

This overhaul brings no new features, however it makes the home page a lot prettier, and easier to navigate.

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
It's sad to see red eyed Steve go, I know... but from the shadows, a new figure emerges!

He's kinda hotheaded, as you can see by the flames coming from his head. Also, he loves chewing carrots, but is never able to swallow them for some strange reason.

By now, he's all over the servers, the website, and any other sites this server is listed on. Without further adieu, I present to you: Vatroslav!

The chances outlined in this post are now live. Changes that have been crossed out will be added in the next update. Now get out there and slay some bosses!
The following changes are not live yet. They will be rolled out at some point during this week.

Changes to existing items:
  • Uninhabited Mob Egg will be moved to uncommon quality. This is to make using them in dispensers for traps (e.g. in your base) a viable option for players. Existing mob eggs will lose their function, but will be replaced upon request.
  • Zombies and Skeletons spawned from Uninhabited Mob Eggs will always be able to pick up & equip armor & weaponry.
  • The legendary item Life Infused Chestplate will be removed. When trying to equip it, it will disappear. (There will be a mythic chestplate added in the next boss update)
  • The mythic item Axe of Rage will no longer deliver random lightning strikes. Instead, it will always deliver a lightning strike when performing a fully charged hit.
  • The Essence of Rage and Essence of Storm will be removed from the /items listing as to avoid clutter, but still remain in the game and retain their functionality. They can still be obtained by killing the relevant mobs.
  • The mythic item Helmet of Storm no longer provides a regeneration effect, but instead has a chance to drastically increase your strength.

New items:
  • New legendary item: Essence of Life. Permanently increases your maximum hearts by two, up to a maximum of 10 additional hearts. This replaces the heart boost of the legendary chestplate. The reason for that is that some future boss fights will have mechanics that inflict a certain amount of unavoidable damage. This damage can be survived by having consumed enough Essences of Life.
  • New rare item: Anvil of the Gods. When used, it will repair all currently equipped armor back to full durability. Works on special items (e.g. Unreal Armor). Does not affect shields or weapons.

Other changes:
  • Honor from player kills will now...
Hello players,

we will be updating all of our servers to 1.12 very soon, depending on when our external plugin developers find the time to update their plugins.

Our estimation is between 2-6 weeks after the writing of this post. Until then, please continue to play on HCMCPVP using Minecraft version 1.11.2. If you already updated, you can still use 1.11.2 by going into Launcher Settings -> Add new -> 1.11.2.

Happy playing!
Just when you received a huge content update for Mythic Survival, you receive ANOTHER ONE!

This one includes a MASSIVE world update, that adds village ruins, floating islands, dungeons, over 100 new biomes and MUCH MORE to the world! Most notably:

  • Village Ruins, which contain multiple chests
  • Smaller Ocean Monuments, which contain diamond and iron blocks
  • Prismarine Islands in the ocean, for those who don't want to fight guardians for those nice blocks
  • Guard Towers, which can contain multiple chests
  • Houses, also with chests
  • much, MUCH more!

Now, it goes without saying that this requires a world reset. Thus, the old world will be removed entirely. However, you have a 1 month grace period to move all of your supplies to the new world, before the old world gets removed. Keep in mind that this only affects the overworld. The nether & the end will NOT be reset.

This update should make exploring fun & worthwhile again, even in the overworld. Have fun on Mythic Survival!
The Forces of Nature

The world has entered a new era. Robbed by players and drained of its ores, the endless world of Mythic Survival seeks to reclaim its property and sends out its most powerful minions. The fire rises and the storm awakens.

New Monsters

The world is populated by new monsters, that can appear regularly.
  • Volatile Anger can appear in deserts at any time. They are tough to defeat, and drop an Essence of Rage upon death.
  • Chilling Breeze can appear in plains during rain or thunderstorms. They are tough to defeat, and drop an Essence of Storm upon death.
New Bosses

The world fights back against the players draining its resources. These new bosses can be summoned by players who accept the challenge, and want to progress further.

Seething Rage

The world's embodiment of pure anger and hatred. It is summoned using an Essence of Rage whilst in a desert biome. Its abilities are:
  • Quake: Causes an explosion on nearby players after 10 seconds. Move away from the boss to escape the ability.
  • Lightning Strike: Strikes all far away players with lightning that will kill them instantly. Move towards the boss to escape this ability.
  • Regeneration: Pulls all players towards itself and inflicts slowness. After 7 seconds, it will drain & regenerate health from all nearby players. This ability will inflict a great amount of damage.
This boss drops the mythic item Axe of Rage upon death, as well as 6 additional special items, with a great chance of also dropping a legendary item.

Frosting Storm

A manifestation of the chaotic forces of nature. It is summoned using an Essence of Storm whilst in a plains biome. Summoning this boss triggers a global thunderstorm in the overworld. Its abilities are:
  • Chaotic Storm: Throws all players upwards. This ability can be avoided by seeking...
Hello all,

the provider this server is hosted by experienced a major outage due to a storm. All issues should be resolved now though. Apologies for the inconvenience, and happy playing!
Royal Arena has been released yesterday, but we're not going to stop there! I present to you, the newest upcoming game mode:


Build your own Dungeon

Build your own Dungeon to safeguard your supplies. Create complex labyrinths & traps by using all sorts of building materials. Employ monsters to fight for you and upgrade them with armor & weapons to be more effective! Prove your Dungeon is winnable by beating it yourself, and then release it to the world!

Raid other Players' Dungeons!

Attack other players' Dungeons to steal their gold & honor so you can make your own Dungeon much stronger! You have three attempts to beat a Dungeon. If you die three times, you're out and the Dungeon Master wins!

Gear Up!

Gold is used to get more materials to expand your Dungeon, as well as upgrading your battle gear so that you are more successful in attacking other Dungeons! You can upgrade yourself all the way up to diamond gear PLUS food and potions! And you can upgrade your monsters the same way.

Can you beat mine?

Invite your friends to have a go at your Dungeon. Make sure it's difficult enough by having as many friendly challenges as possible! If someone's currently attacking your Dungeon (friend or foe), you can also spectate them to see where you need to improve!

Dungeons will be coming to HCMCPVP this summer!

The very first season of new HCMCPVP is coming to an end. On Wednesday, May 31st at 8pm server time all honor will be reset to 0 and the top 10 players will receive their FREE Premium Membership.

The handouts will go as follows:
  • The number 1 player will receive 1 month of free ULTIMATE+
  • Players ranked 2-4 will receive 1 month of free MASTER
  • Players ranked 5-10 will receive 1 month of free VIP

It's not too late to get honor! As of the writing of this post, every Royal Arena match you win rewards you with 100 honor. So get out there and get some honor!

Keep in mind that only players who registered an account at this website will be eligible to receive a free Premium Membership. If you don't have one, you WILL miss out!