Dear HCMCPVP Players,

the Marathon for Royal Arena has begun! If you have seen Spencer23$'s last live stream (viewable here: ), then this news post will be a little redundant for you.

As you already know, one of the planned game modes is Royal Arena, which is a Minecraft adaptation of the popular mobile game Clash Royale. However, before the game mode opens, we need to crack the 1,000 registered users milestone here on the forums. So if you haven't done so already, create an account now!

Once we hit that mark, Royal Arena will be released to the public! Those who registered an account and linked it to their Minecraft account will also get early access to the new game mode, and will be able to play it before anyone else!

Let's make this happen, people! Get your friends to join HCMCPVP and help us get ready for Royal Arena!
The server maintenance is now complete, and Speed Survival is now officially open.

Enjoy your time at HCMCPVP!
The new game mode Speed Survival is now in public testing. Join on and walk through the gate, OR join directly on !

See you on the servers! :)
The servers will undergo maintenance on Sunday, May 21st at 3pm GMT+2 until 4pm GMT+2. During this time, all game modes will be unavailable for play.

Afterwards the following changes will be applied:

  • Removed some messages when executing commands to reduce chat clutter. Most notably when teleporting to a warp or to your home.
  • The legendary item "Tracker" will no longer announce a message to its victim once it expires. It was either that or move it down to epic tier, and the intent was to keep Trackers as rare as possible, while still justifying their status as a legendary item. Potential victims have to look out if they can see their attacker with a Tracker in their hand, and if in doubt, count down the 15 minutes manually whilst standing in a safe location.
  • A bug causing player kills to be counted multiple times has been fixed.

Core Plugin
  • The core plugin, which is present on all servers, will receive some changes to improve functionality and stability. Most notably when applying player bans.

NEW GAMEMODE: Speed Survival

Speed Survival (formerly called Last Man Standing) will be the first mini game to be re-introduced to HCMCPVP. This is how a standard SPS match progresses:
  • At the beginning, everyone starts near the map center with nothing but a Tracking Compass, which can be used to pinpoint the location of the nearest player outside of a 10 block minimum distance. (The 10 block minimum distance allows you to play in teams, without confusing each other's trackers)
  • At the start of every match, the time of the world is morning.
  • Players have to gather supplies as quickly as possible and eliminate their enemies.
  • If you die or leave the game, you're out. However, you can immediately rejoin the servers, or type /match to be allocated to another Speed Survival instance.
  • You lose honor based on your placement, according to the following...
Due to unknown reasons, the server just experienced a short outage.

The problem appears to be fixed now, so there should be no more unexpected downtime.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
New Special Items have just been added to the chest algorithm on Hardcore Survival, as well as a new command /items that shows you all possible items you can find in chests. The following items have been added:

  • Grandpa's Walking Stick: A Knockback V (5) wooden hoe.
  • Spyglass: Grants you access to the /spy <name> command, which lets you see another player's inventory.

  • Johnny Frost's Swimming Boots: Protection X, Depth Strider III, Frost Walker II, Unbreaking II Diamond Boots, that grant you a permanent speed effect while equipped.
  • Uninhabited Mob Egg: Right click any non-player mob to capture it and receive a spawn egg.
  • Totem of Undying: Acts like the vanilla item.

  • Tracker: Right click a player to plant a tracker on them. Grants you access to the /track command, which shows a player's current position. Lasts 15 min, after which the victim will be alerted of your crime.
  • Mob Essence Extractor: Right click any non-player mob to capture it and receive a mob spawner.
  • Shield of Valhalla: Unbreaking III Shield, grants you a permanent Resistance effect (20% damage reduction) while in your off-hand slot.
  • Life Infused Chestplate: Protection X, Unbreaking III Diamond Chestplate, increases your maximum health by 8 hearts while equipped.
  • Herobrine's Sword: Sharpness X, Unbreaking III, Sweeping Edge V Diamond Sword, which inflicts a very strong wither effect on all enemies it hits (including enemies hit by the sweeping strike)

The following changes have been made to existing Special Items:
  • All: Items can no longer be repaired or renamed using anvils.
  • All: New items found in chests now have an enchantment glow, and can no longer be enchanted by enchanting tables.
  • Summonnig Crystal & Enderchest Key: Can no longer be used on yourself.

Now get out there and loot some items!
Hardcore Survival now has its first batch of special items enabled. When looting any chest, you have the chance to find one of those items:

  • Warp Tokens: They expand your maximum number of warps. They come in 3 tiers: Green ones work up to 10 max warps, blue ones up to 15, and purple ones up to 20.
  • Protection V Gear (Rare): When equipped in all slots, Protection V gear maximizes your damage reduction against all damage types.
  • Summoning Crystal (Epic): Grants you access to the /sum <name> command, which allows you to instantly teleport any player, regardless of their combat tag, to your location and grant them 5 seconds of health regeneration and invulnerability. Can be used on yourself. The item is consumed upon usage.
  • Enderchest Key (Legendary): Grants you access to the /enderchest <name> command, which allows you to open another player's enderchest and steal items from it. The item is consumed upon usage.

Let it be noted that all of those items are categorized in 4 tiers: Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary.

Uncommon items are the most likely to appear in a chest. They have a 10%-50% drop chance per chest.
Rare ones are a little.. um... rarer, with a 5%-25% drop chance per chest.
Epic items are the second rarest, with a 2%-10% drop chance per chest.
Legendary items are the rarest ones, with only a 0.3%-1.5% drop chance per chest you loot.

The drop chances depend on your player bounty. For every second you are online on the server (even while afk) you gain bounty. The higher your bounty, the higher the chance for you to find such items in a chest.

Your bounty is reset if you lose honor (if you get killed by a player, who hasn't killed you this week), and everyone's bounty is reset on maintenance Sunday (every Sunday at...
Starting today, lasting forever, people who register an account on this website and link it with their Minecraft account, will get a free 3 day trial VIP membership.

If you don't have an account on this website yet, now you have a reason to get one!
Scheduled Server Maintenance will be at May 14th at 3pm GMT+2. Maintenance will be as short as possible. During this time, the game will be unavailable for play.

A 15 minutes in-game notice will be given.
As promised, here is my post regarding the new features on HCMCPVP Survival.

First of all: What changed?
  • Maximum warps have been cut down from 10 to 5 and they no longer scale with Premium Memberships. However, you can unlock additional warps by playing.
  • Teams and all related features to it have been removed. However, the server still offers the option for you to form alliances using the local chat mode (more on that later). Consequently, teleporting to other players is not possible, and will never be possible. This will make you think a lot about whether or not it is worth forming an alliance with someone, as one of you will need to walk towards their base. (and a couple other reasons I won't list here to keep it short)
  • Huge enchanters have been removed. Their gear will be supplemented by "Special Items".
  • Trackers have been removed. Their functionality will be supplemented by "Special Items".
  • XP Fountains have been removed.
And now: What's new?
  • Not every kill rewards honor anymore (previously killpoints). Instead, you can kill each player once a week to receive your cut of honor from them. The higher the player's bounty, the higher the honor you receive. Kills get reset every Sunday during the server's maintenance.
  • Bounty: The longer you play without getting killed by another player, your bounty increases. This has both positive and negative effects on you. The negative effects are obvious: If you die, you lose more honor. The positive effects are a little more subtle: You have a greater chance to find special items in chests with a higher bounty than you would ordinarily have. Keep in mind that your bounty gets reset to 0 after losing any amount of honor. There is no way for you to see your or anyone else's bounty.
  • Special Items: Rumor has it that chests can contain special items, in addition to those you ordinarily find in them. Some say, the end has the highest chance to...