Since it's not really clear which rules stand for which servers, they are all listed here. Every member has to obey these rules. Punishments are to be chosen by the respective authorities.

Also: Bans are active on all of our servers.

General Server Rules

These rules apply to all of our servers.

1. Do not spam or advertise. Sending a message more than two times in a row counts as spam. The message does not have to be 1:1 the same, spamming different messages with the same content already counts as spam. Advertising includes posting links to other websites or servers if not requested by an admin. Advertising per /msg command on the main server ( is allowed if only written to one or two members in a timespan of 2 hours. Advertising and spamming is to be punished with an instant permanent ban.

2. Do not use vulgar language. While swearing in private chats is okay (e.g. in whispers or in survival's local chat mode), swearing in open channels (e.g. global chat, lobby) is not. If caught, you will be banned for a short period of time. If caught multiple times, you will be banned permanently.

3. Hacking. Using modifications of any kind to gain an advantage over other players in or after a fight (e.g. forcefield, fly) or when gathering supplies (e.g. chestfinder, xray) is considered as "hacking". Players caught doing so will be permanently banned, no exceptions.

4. Annoying staff. This includes but is not limited to asking for special rights (e.g. OP), asking about things that can easily be found out by looking them up a little and directly talking to the admin in an impolite way. Annoying most likely leads to a perm ban on all servers.

The rules may be changed and expanded without announcement. Respective in-game authorities may ban you for any reason, even if a matching rule isn't listed here, so be polite. Bans are active on all servers. All bans are final.