Mythic Survival

Mythic Survival
Explore a 100% custom generated world, over 200 custom biomes, many additional structures and underground dungeons. Fight mythic bosses and claim legendary artifacts from chests and fights! No rules: PVP ANYWHERE!


What is "Mythic" Survival?

Mythic Survival is Survival with a twist! You can find special items on this server, by doing activities you would normally do in survival. In addition, the mode increases the difficulty of gameplay and increases PvP potential. Join to find out more!


You can plant trackers on other players and quietly follow them to their home base by tracking their location. For you that means you shouldn't let anyone with a tracker come near you, of course!


Every player starts with 5 warps plus a /home warp they can set at any point in the world. You could have a warp for your mob trap, or maybe even one for your dining room. Everything is up to you! Type /help warps in-game to find out how to use them.

You can also unlock more warps by finding certain items in chests all across the world and expand your warp limit to a final maximum of 20.

Near-Limitless & Custom World

Unlike on many other Hardcore PvP servers that have a very small world border, this world is nearly limitless, with its border currently being set at 200,000 blocks from the center. This doesn't mean that there won't be any PvP though, as players can loot special items that allow them to force other players to duel them. Most biomes are also custom, the world features over 200 new biomes that can't be found in vanilla Minecraft.

Special Items

Chests and hostile mobs have a chance to reward you with special items, that each have unique functionality. Some examples include:
  • Mob Eggs: Use them on a Mob to capture it (like a Pokemon) and release it anywhere you want!
  • Spyglass: Peek into another player's inventory to see what they have!
  • Special Armor, Weapons & Tools: Collect a variety of special armor, weapons & tools that either have higher enchantments, or give you special powers!
  • Mob Essence Extractors: Use them on a mob to make your very own mob spawner you can place anywhere you like!
And MANY more! Type /items in-game to see the full list.

Intelligent Chat

The chat is the second most important part of a server (right after gameplay). You have three chat modes on Hardcore Survival:
  • Global Chat (default): Enables you to chat with everyone on the server.
  • Local Chat: Only shows your chat messages to nearby players (useful for forming teams).
  • Whisper Mode: You can toggle whisper mode for a certain player, so you won't have to type /w <name> every time you send a message. You can thank us later :)


We have excellent plugins for busting hackers. Our server is hacker-proof since 2012! Every hacker gets banned within one day and permanent bans are active on all of our servers, so don't even try!