Team Deathmatch

Build your own Dungeon to safeguard your supplies! Use anything from redstone traps & labyrinths to monsters you can upgrade with armor & weapons! Attack other players' dungeons to get their loot!

Dungeons Information


In HCMCPVP's brand new game mode "Dungeons", you build your own dungeon and attack other players' dungeons for great loot!

Build your own!

Every player gets access to a bunch of materials they can purchase using the /shop. Make your dungeon stronger by placing down traps, and even monsters you can equip with gear as good as full diamond! Make sure no one beats your dungeon by making it as strong as you can.

Raid others!

Attack other players' dungeons to steal their gold! Type /attack to see a list of dungeons you can attack, and how much they are worth. Make sure to upgrade your battle gear so you don't go in without any equipment. Get strong, and get that sweet loot!

100% unique Strategy PvP

Dungeons is a one of a kind game mode in the world of Minecraft. The possibilities are nearly endless: Huge labyrinths, epic mob fights, mega traps, and much more! If you'd like anything added to the game, put it in the forums!

To join a game, simply point your Minecraft client to:

and walk into the appropriate gate for 'Dungeons'.


What is Honor?
Honor is a way to measure your skill in PvP. It determines your ranking on the Leaderboards.

How do I get Honor?
You get Honor by participating in PvP. That always includes killing another player, but on team-based servers, such as Epidemic or Team Objectives, completing a team goal or helping your team win also yields Honor, sometimes for the entire team.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you leave a team game before it completes, you will not receive any Honor if your team wins, but you will lose Honor if your team loses!

What can I buy with Honor?
You can't buy anything with Honor, but for every 10 Honor you receive, you gain 1 credit, which you can spend in the Credit Store for various account upgrades. At the end of each month, the players with the most Honor will also be awarded a temporary FREE Premium Membership.

Can I fall below 0 Honor?
Yes, you can. If you get killed a lot, or if your team loses a lot, you may lose enough Honor to have "negative Honor". However, every player's Honor will be reset at the beginning of every month, so you always get another shot.

What do I do with Credits?
Credits can be used to purchase various different account upgrades in the Credit Store, which is strongly advised, as it will greatly improve your gameplay experience. You need an account at our website in order to purchase upgrades. Be aware that every upgrade you purchase using credits is temporary, so be sure to keep playing to keep those perks!

Do Credits also get reset every month?
No, only Honor gets reset. The only way you can get rid of credits is by spending them :)

Why do I need an account on your website to purchase a Premium Membership?
It helps us track who purchased what, and also helps you to track your purchases. Once you get accustomed to the system, things will feel much more natural.

My question isn't listed here!
You will have to post in the support forums then.


What are Credits?

Credits are the virtual currency of Hardcore Minecraft PvP. Using credits you can buy certain upgrades for your account.

How to obtain Credits

For every 10 honor you earn, you gain 1 credit. While honor gets reset at the beginning of every month, the credits you earn never disappear from your account until you spend them.

Credits in Games

Credits can be used to purchase a variety of perks for your account. For a full list of available upgrades, visit the Credit Store.