Create IMPOSSIBLE Dungeons and receive Gold!

Discussion in 'Dungeons' started by Naxdy, Jun 30, 2017.

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    Good day fellow Dungeon Masters!

    As you know, Dungeons is currently in public beta. That means that the game mode isn't fully fleshed out yet, and there are still some quirks here and there that need attention. And YOU can help us with this and profit!

    It's simple, really: Create an impossible dungeon and get gold! But what is an "impossible" dungeon in the first place?

    A dungeon is considered impossible, if ONE of the following things apply:
    • Only the creator can consistently* clear the dungeon.
    • No one can consistently* clear the dungeon.
    *consistently: Assuming perfect gameplay. (e.g. never falling down during a parkour, always hitting mobs)

    Here are a few examples that have already been rewarded:
    • A dungeon with a secret lever combination only known to the creator (fixed)
    • A dungeon with dispensers that contain 1 Key Lever and 8 random items, that can only be activated once, leaving the dungeon win up to chance (fixed)
    • A dungeon that depends on hitting redstone clocks at the right time out of visible range (fixed)
    If you successfully create an impossible dungeon, PM me your secret on the forums or on Discord, and you will be rewarded with 1,000 gold! Now if that isn't great news, I don't know what is!
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