Dungeons Gold Cap & Pricing Changes (February 10th, 2018)

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    These changes are now live.

    Hey all,

    over the past couple months, Dungeons has undergone massive changes in terms of balancing, matchmaking, and other tweaks here and there.

    Today however, it is a vastly different game mode, but still suffers from one of the problems that presented itself early on in its lifespan. The problem I'm talking about is the massive gold rush that occurred near the end of 2017, caused by the old daily gold bonus system, and heaps of inactive players that continued to pile up mountains of gold while still having the default dungeons.

    This lead to a massive surplus in gold availability, and caused Dungeons' economy to get totally out of whack. Today, a new player can join the game mode and instantly max out his/her battle gear within mere hours of gameplay, which is simply not the intended way.

    It has become clear to me that this issue had to be tackled somehow, but it is difficult to attempt and reset the entire economy, without inevitably negatively impacting the gameplay of players who do play on Dungeons regularly, and without the shadow of a doubt deserve the gold they have earned so far.

    I have come up with the following system to try and bring back the natural progression curve the game was always intended to have. While I tried minimizing the impact this would have on existing players, it surely can't be avoided at all. There are two problems that have to be solved: 1. The massive supply of gold, and 2. The value of gold as it is.

    Gold Cap

    When trying to tackle the massive supply of gold, I came up with three solutions.
    • 1. Reset everyone's gold back to the starting amount (1,000)
    • 2. Make it so that attacks no longer award gold. (only way to acquire gold is through the daily attack bonus)
    • 3. Implement a gold cap.
    A gold cap will cut back on the gold that is currently in supply, but will still make sure that players who already looted some gold get to keep it. It also won't tamper with the core idea of Dungeons, which is that you raid other players' dungeons for their gold.

    The gold cap will bring the following changes:
    • Upper limit for gold. (10,000 starting at level 1, and increasing by 1,000 for each subsequent level gained)
      -> This will remove all gold from your account that goes over said limit. If you have any gold left, NOW is the time to spend it.
    • The absolute gold limit will be 150,000, which will be gained upon reaching level 140
    Massive Increase in Store Prices
    I'm exaggerating a little bit here, as most price increases won't be as massive. The most notable ones will be the following:
    • Diamond Battle Gear now costs 30,000 gold. Striving for that goal will teach newer players about the gold limits.
    • High-value mobs (such as Evokers) now also cost 30,000 gold.
    • Mob gear now costs exactly 1/5th of player gear (e.g. diamond mob gear now costs 6,000 gold)
    • Redstone items now cost 1,000 gold each. This is to reduce the number of redstone-heavy puzzle dungeons in lower trophy levels, as the slow gameplay might deter newer players from the game mode.
    • Regular building materials now cost 200 gold.
    • Gold tokens now award 10,000 gold for 200 credits and can not be purchased if they would break your gold limit.
    Other Changes
    • You can now spectate any dungeon, regardless of the level.
    • Honor gained from defeating a dungeon & winning defenses is now directly related to trophies gained/lost. This is to prevent players dropping to lower trophy levels to farm honor.
    • Players in /publish can no longer click their inventory items if there exists an upgrade in the battle store (i.e. iron sword/armor). This is to prevent players from manufacturing dungeons, that requires the attacker to not have the upgraded version of the item.
    • Players now level substantially faster than before. Reaching level 140 should now require you to spend roughly 2,000,000 gold total. (previously approx. 17 million!)
    • /gold now shows the exact gold amount you need to spend to reach a certain level (as opposed to a percentage) and /level is now an alias for /gold.
    • Players can now buy Protection I-IV diamond gear from the shop, for 50,000, 70,000, 90,000 and 150,000 gold respectively.
    • Tiered items (e.g. armor) from /shop battle can now only be purchased if the previous tier item is already owned. For example, you can only buy a diamond helmet if you already have an iron helmet, which you can only buy if you have chainmail and so on.
      -> To elaborate more on that point: Buying a piece of regular diamond gear will now cost you diamond + iron + chainmail + leather cost, which will be 30,000 + 15,000 + 5,000 + 1,000 = 51,000 gold total. Protection IV diamond gear will cost 150,000 + 90,000 + 70,000 + 50,000 + 30,000 + 15,000 + 5,000 + 1,000 = 411,000 gold total.
    • /shop battle now only displays items you can actually buy (refer to the above point)
    • Gold mob gear is now premium only and costs as much as iron mob gear.
    • Bonus gold for attacking is now 200 per 500 trophies gained, for every 3 dungeons attacked (not necessarily won), up to 10 times per day. (up from 150 per 500 trophies gained) Remember that bonus gold is only awarded for winning or dying in a dungeon, but not when forfeiting!
    • Players now once again receive daily bonus gold handed out after the daily server restart around 8am GMT+1. The bonus gold is 3% of a player's max gold (e.g. 900 gold per day at 30,000 max gold), but will not be handed out beyond the gold limit. This is to make sure that inactive dungeons still provide some sort of loot, but won't be too much of an issue anymore thanks to the gold cap. Daily bonus gold is designed to completely fill a dungeon's loot in around 1 month, provided it doesn't get attacked.
    • /gold now also shows how many trophies you need to gain in order to increase your attack bonus.
    • Mob spawners have been added to the combat shop and cost 80,000 gold each. If destroyed in base, they will drop themselves and the mob egg that was used to populate them. (note that mob spawners will not spawn anything when editing your dungeon, so you need to test them in /publish )
    I realize that at first, this will create a massive shortage on gold, which is why there will be another update, slightly tweaking & sometimes even reverting the changes that were made here.

    The gold cap system relating to player levels will be final, but may be tweaked further. The same applies to store prices.

    I also realize that this might not be the most popular update that's come to Dungeons, but you also have to concede that gaining 400,000+ gold for a single attack is a bit much, considering what you can do with such amounts. (yes, this actually happens on a semi-regular basis!)

    After all, you have more than a week to prepare for the update, and spend everything that's worth spending.

    See you on the servers!
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    Now why didn't I think of that
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    Your dungeon is actually what gave me the idea that this was possible. Right now, you could smelt iron armor to iron nuggets, and make a hopper that requires these.

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