Enter the Dragoncage!

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    Once you enter, there is only one rule: the last player left standing in the Dragoncage wins! Use swords, bows, potions or even spellbooks to come out on top in this no-holds-barred winner-take-all deathmatch.

    Every Saturday at 20:00 server time players will have a chance to compete in a free-for-all in the arena known as the Dragoncage. Each participant must bring their own gear, and if you die, the person who killed you isn't obliged to return it, so think carefully about what you're prepared to lose. Prizes vary based on player participation, but at the very least, the winner will receive their choice of item from the following list (as well as whatever gear they can loot from other players):

    • Lesser Warp Token

    • Grandpa's Walking Stick

    • Spyglass

    • Uninhabited Mob Egg

    • Duplication Device

    • Spellbook (Monstrosity)

    • ???

    • Magic Stew

    • Easter Egg - for as long as they are still available

    • Anvil of the Gods

    • Greater Warp Token

    • Unreal Helmet

    • Unreal Chestplate

    • Unreal Leggings

    • Unreal Boots

    • Spellbook (Frost Aura)

    • Spellbook (Lightning Aura)

    • Spellbook (Polymorph)

    • Epic Warp Token

    • Spellbook (Illusion)

    • Spellbook (Explosion)

    • Johnny Frost's Swimming Boots

    • Fortuna's Blessing

    • Wisp in a Bottle

    • Mystic Scrambler
    Fair warning: I'll try to not sweep the rug out from under players' feet, but if something unexpected happens and I find it necessary to alter the rules, I won't be moved by complaints along the lines of "But you said <quote from this post>."
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    That alone will make it worth it!

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