Honor Reset on June 30th! (and Honor changes!)

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    It's this time of the month again.

    On June 30th, around 8pm server time, every players' honor will be reset back to 0, and their best honor score will be noted in their profile. Note that the honor reset does not affect Mythic Survival kills, Dungeon shields or any other server-specific stats.

    The top 10 players of June will also receive a free Premium Membership for July, depending on their placement on the leaderboards.

    NOTE: Players who do not have an account on this website will not be eligible to have their account upgraded, and no one will be upgraded in their place.


    In addition to that, the following changes will be made to the Honor system, Leaderboards and voting:
    • Voting will now yield 200 honor per vote cast, instead of 1,000 honor. This is because we added more websites to vote on, and we don't want to exclude players who forget voting on a couple days from having a shot at getting to the top of the leaderboards. The total honor you can get for voting per day is now 1,000 as you can vote on 5 sites in total.
    • Voting will now also yield 2 credits per vote cast, meaning you can get 10 free credits per day. An alert will be added to the credit store.
    • Your stats will no longer display legacy Speed Survival stats, but will instead display successful dungeon defenses & attacks (they have been recorded since day 1, but not been displayed, so they will be 100% accurate). This will make it possible for you to determine how many players failed to attack your dungeon .while you were offline, for instance. However, a mail system will be added to Dungeons soon (more on that in the next update draft, coming up tomorrow).

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