Honor Reset, Royal Arena, Mythic Survival & Dungeons info!

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    Hey everyone,

    I moved to the UK on September 27th, and have since had my time to settle in. This means, that I will finally be able to properly work on the servers again, after about a month of absence! (apologies for that btw)

    In this post, I'll talk about a number of things, including a new game mode coming to HCMCPVP, so keep reading!

    Dungeons Update
    The big Dungeons update has been moved until after the release of the new game mode (read below), so I don't have too many things going on at once. I will still proceed to make smaller changes to Dungeons here and there (based on your feedback), but the big stuff will be coming a bit later.

    Royal Arena
    Due to the low interest in Royal Arena (and player base), I will be cutting the game mode indefinitely. That's not to say it won't come back at all, but I'll wait until there are more players first.

    New Game Mode: Expedition
    This will be HCMCPVP's new main survival game mode. In Expedition, players wake up in a spaceship after years of travelling through the universe and are forced to land in a completely different solar system, on planets with hostile attributes. You will need to search for supplies, and dodge other players trying to survive. It's kill or be killed in this new survival mode.

    Over time, players will advance to other planets, gather more resources, and perhaps even form alliances, all while figuring out why the planets they are visiting are absent from any life.

    It will be survival + pvp + a little bit of roleplay mixed in for the story.

    I will be making another post in the near future, going into more details about the mode.

    Mythic Survival
    Expedition will replace Mythic Survival as the new main survival game mode. Mythic Survival is not going to be shut down, but it will remain as a legacy game mode you can access via a smaller portal in the hub. It will also not receive any more updates other than bugfixes and balancing, so if at a later date you want to play Mythic Survival, you have to use Minecraft 1.12 or lower.

    Key Dates
    So, when will all this stuff be happening then?

    Royal Arena shutdown: Sometime during October
    Next Honor Reset: Sunday 15th October 8pm UK time.
    Expedition Release: December 2017 (it has to be after 1.13 comes out!)
    Dungeons Update: After Expedition release.

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