Mythic Survival Christmas Update (Dec. 26th - Dec. 31st) + More!

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    Hey all,

    I'll be back in Germany from Dec. 27th to Jan. 8th, which means I'll have access to my proper equipment & Internet. During that time I'm planning to roll out an update to Mythic Survival, as it seems to be the most popular game mode right now.

    Release date isn't set in stone yet, but I'm planning to get it out between Christmas and New Year. As always, proposed changes are not final and are subject to revision before final release.

    Special Item Changes & New Items

    Tracker: Will be replaced by a new legendary Spellbook labelled 'Spiritwalk', which lets you swap into spectator mode for a short amount of time and possess other players (slip into them, not control them). While in spectator mode, you cannot teleport (you cannot warp either), but if the player you are possessing teleports, it'll drag you with them. Upgrading the spell will give you more time in spectator mode. Players in spectator mode are not completely invisible, but leave a faint smoke trail to make it possible to spot for other players. You can always return to normal form by typing /return

    Illusion: This Spellbook will be moved to 'epic' rarity as opposed to legendary.

    Monstrosity: New common Spellbook that lets you assume the appearance of a random monster (Skeleton, Husk, Zombie or Stray) for a short amount of time. This prevent monsters from attacking you unless you attack them first, and will reset monsters who are currently attacking you. Upgrading this spell will increase the disguise duration.

    Polymorph: New rare Spellbook that transforms all nearby monsters into chickens. Does not work on named entities, such as pets and bosses. Upgrading this spell increases its radius.

    Totem of Safekeeping: New Mythic rarity item that lets you keep your entire inventory upon death, but is destroyed when it's used (i.e. when you die). There will be no way to obtain this item at first, as that will be added in a later update. More news on that soon.

    Other changes:
    • Mythic rarity items can now be traded between players, placed in chests other than your ender chest, and put on armor stands & item frames. They still cannot be dropped on death though, meaning they will either be moved to your ender chest, or destroyed if there is no space.

    Website Changes

    There will be some quality of life changes coming to the website soon-ish as well. This will mainly involve the credit store, in the way that players will no longer need to register on the website to add credits to their account. Obtaining Premium Memberships however (both through purchase and through honor) will still require a forum account though.

    Roadmap for 2018

    A new year is coming, and with that are many changes and additions to HCMCPVP. Seeing that I will finally have proper internet again, even after returning to the UK, I will see to it that these are coming FAST, in order to make up for the time I've lost in the recent months.

    The most important one of them will be the addition of a new game mode: Warfronts. This is the project I've been working on quietly while I wasn't able to work on anything else. I won't say much about it just now, because I was only able to develop the basics so far, but I will say one thing: This game mode is sure to bring back the 'Hardcore' in Hardcore Minecraft PvP.

    It'll be absolutely crazy, and like nothing you've ever seen before, just like Dungeons, but with a huge focus on large scale PvP.

    I'll make a new post about Warfronts in the coming weeks, once I'm in Germany and have access to all my tools.


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