Mythic Survival Update: 1.12 (finally)! (July 19th, 2017)

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    These changes are now live.

    • Update to 1.12: The game mode will be updated to 1.12 (finally). A few notes about this update: The update was hindered up until this point due to a developer not updating their world generation plugin (the one responsible for the crazy world). I have taken it upon myself to update it now. This may cause certain areas of the world to look weird, particularly intersections where chunks were generated in 1.11. This does not affect the generation of new chunks, and everything should work as normal.
    • Mob Essence Extractors are now Mob Spawners, and their description has been changed appropriately. You can change the mobs they spawn by right-clicking them with a mob egg.
    • New credit store items: Players will be able to purchase all mythic items in the credit store.
    • The rarity of special items has been changed significantly. Right now, we're still experimenting with this, so it might be a little weird at the beginning.
    • Regular loot boxes now have a much higher chance of dropping a legendary item.
    • Mythic items in the /items listing now indicate that they're boss loot.
    • Loot boxes are now placed on wool to make them more visible at spawn.
    • The messages that show when a player puts down a loot box are now colored, to make them more obvious.

    This will be part 1 of a 2-part update, the second part bringing a new boss and more functionality. Stay tuned for more!

    Note that even due to the update, players with versions 1.8+ can still connect and play, however playing on the latest version is highly recommended.

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