Mythic Survival Update: The Force of Earth

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    These changes are now live.

    The Force of Earth

    Players have fought the forces of nature: The endless rage & the chaotic storm. After that, players turned their eyes on the malicious spirits of nature, defeating many corrupted wisps in the world.

    Now it is time for players to move forward in their quest for answers, and confront their newest opponent: The Warden of Earth.

    New Boss: The Warden of Earth

    The Warden of Earth is a boss unlike anything you've ever seen before. He will knock you around and make sure to keep you at bay, whilst sending out his Earthlings to deal with you.

    Players must dodge the path of the earthlings, similar to the Wisp's summoning spell, or else a whole battalion of worms will spawn around the players and consume them whole. Stay close to the Warden, since he is invulnerable to arrows, but mind your distance when he's preparing his Earthquake!

    In Phase 2, the Warden will channel all of his energy into his quake spell, which will pull players towards him and cause gigantic explosions.

    Upon death, the Warden will drop a number of special items, as well as the leggings Earth's Final Stand, which will grant the wearer immunity to Wither, Poison & ticking Fire damage, as well as any kind of knockback.

    New Monster: Earth Guard

    These monsters appear in Mesa biomes from time to time, and will drop the Mythic item that allows you to summon the Warden of Earth. The spawn rate is limited to one Earth Guard per hour, but they have a name tag that's visible through walls, so make sure to look for it when you are in a Mesa.

    New Mythic Item: Earth's Final Stand

    The item that's dropped by the Warden of Earth. These are Protection X Diamond Leggings that grant the wearer immunity to Poison, Fire & Wither as well as any kind of knockback. These leggings are unbreakable and cannot be traded.

    New Legendary Item: Tracker

    Slip this item into another player's pocket by right-clicking them. Afterwards, you gain temporary access to the /track command, which will make you look in the direction of the targeted player.

    Trackers persist for 30 minutes, or until the player who slipped it to you logs out. A player can only ever track one other player.


    Spells are a completely new mechanic coming to Mythic Survival. The key elements of spells are Spellstones and Spellbooks

    Spellbooks are items of various rarities that can be looted from chests just like any other special item. They can be dragged on top of Spellstones in your inventory to either apply a new spell, or upgrade an existing spell. Spells can be upgraded up to magnitude 10.

    Spellstones are new epic items that can be looted from chests just like any other special item. They each can have one spell applied to it, and may be traded with other players. Using a spell will put all Spellstones on a cooldown, depending on the magnitude of the spell used (10-20 seconds). When killed, players will drop Spellstones just like any other item.

    The following items will be added to the server:

    • New Legendary Spellbook: Illusion. Teleports you to a nearby location and summons fragile duplicates of yourself that attack nearby enemies for a short time. Upgrading this spell will increase the teleport & spawn radius, amounts of duplicates spawned and the lifetime of your duplicates.
    • New Epic Spellbook: Explosion. Launches a powerful fireball that explodes upon impact and sets nearby enemies on fire for a long period of time. Upgrading this spell will increase the explosion's power and the projectile's travel distance.
    • New Rare Spellbook: Frost Aura. Covers yourself in an aura of frost, freezing nearby enemies in place for a short amount of time and inflicting frost damage that bypasses armor. Upgrading this spell will increase the radius, freeze time and the damage dealt.
    • New Rare Spellbook: Lightning Aura. Launches a powerful volley of lightning strikes at your location that hits everyone including you, setting nearby enemies on fire & inflicting blindness, and granting you speed & strength. Upgrading this spell will increase the radius, and tduration of the potion effects.

    As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Other changes:
    • Fix some bugs that occur when trying to put a special item into an item frame.

    NOTE: This list may be incomplete and items may be added/removed at any time. The release time frame is not final.

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