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    Hey all,

    2018 is almost upon us and with it, I will start to bring you the good old HCMCPVP just like it was in 2015.

    Part of that is reverting the combat system back to how it was in Minecraft 1.8. There are many reasons that lead me to make this decision, but the most important ones were simplicity and compatibility.

    As you might know, you can connect to HCMCPVP with almost any Minecraft version on your end. However, pre-1.9 versions don't have built in support for the new combat mechanics, and players who aren't used to that sort of stuff will always have a natural disadvantage in PvP.

    In regards to simplicity, it's fairly obvious. Not having to keep track of your hit cooldowns (& other mechanics) will remove a big layer of complexity from combat, and make it a little easier for newer players (both to the servers and to Minecraft) to engage in PvP. It also saves you from those annoying situations where you miss a single hit and lose out on a whole bunch of damage because you need to wait for your cooldown to be up again, which is especially annoying if you're on 1.8 and don't know when your cooldown will be up again.

    Now, what exactly is going to change?
    In order to make newer Minecraft versions compatible with the old combat system, the following changes will be made to all servers (excluding the hub), starting with Dungeons in early 2018:
    • Weapon cooldown will be removed
    • Right-clicking with a sword will automatically add a shield to your off-hand
    • Blocking with a shield will no longer block arrows
    • Shields can no longer be crafted or otherwise be obtained in-game
    • Swords can no longer sweep
    • Fishing rods will regain their old abilities from 1.8
    • Armor attributes will be reverted to 1.8
    • Snowballs, eggs & enderpearls will regain their knockback
    • Projectile trajectories will no longer be random
    In order to make survival-like game modes more compatible with 1.8 clients, the following additional changes will be made:
    • Blaze powder will be automatically added to brewing stands
    • Lapis will automatically be added to enchantment tables
    • The functionality of elytra will be removed

    It should be noted, that the functionality of off-hand slots will not be removed. Instead, they will now solely serve a quality of life sort of purpose. Bows, potions, food and other combat-relevant items will not be able to be equipped in your off-hand slot.

    I'm aware that this will break certain special items & mechanics on Mythic Survival, which is why I will pay extra close attention to updating that game mode. Therefore, the following changes will be made to Mythic Survival in the near future (before the release of the combat update):
    • The stock elytra item on Mythic Survival will be replaced by the new Mythic tier special item Garthodos' Treasure, which grants you the ability to fly (like in creative mode) while out of combat. Unlike other Mythic tier items, this won't be obtained by defeating a boss, but rather by completing a challenge.
    • The functionality of Shield of Valhalla will be replaced by another special item.
    • Mystic Scrambler will be reworked to no longer target your off-hand slot. Instead, you will be able to drag a legendary item on top of it while it is in your inventory (much like spellstones function right now).
    I hope you all understand the reasons behind these changes and are looking forward to a much more fast-paced original HCMCPVP in 2018!

    PS: The next news post will be about the Mythic Survival update, which is almost done! I'm just bug-hunting to make sure everything works the way it's supposed to ;-)

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