Special New Year's Honor Reset January 8th

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    Hey all,

    as you know, I haven't been able to properly do the Honor Reset in a long time due to various circumstances.

    To compensate you for that, I will be doing a special New Year's Honor Reset on January 8th. Many players are going to get their well deserved Premium Memberships, and here's how it'll go down:
    • Top 1 player: 3 months of ELITE (previously ULTIMATE+)
    • Top 2-10 players: 3 months of MASTER
    • Top 11-30 players: 3 months of VIP
    Be aware that after this Honor Reset, all future Honor Resets will be automatic (yaaay, no more delays!), but only the top 3 players will be awarded a 1 month Premium Membership, with no. 1 getting ELITE, no. 2 getting MASTER and no. 3 getting VIP.

    The Store is very likely also going to open around that time, and we will celebrate the new year and the Store reopening with a MASSIVE 70% off on all items (including Premium Memberships!).

    Finally, I've got one last bit of good news for you: Lifetime Memberships are here to stay, and will be purchased using credits. This means that you can benefit from the huge discounts when buying credits in bulk! (which will be even huger during the sale!!)

    I hope you all have enjoyed playing on HCMCPVP in 2017 and are looking forward to continue your journey in 2018, with the grand opening of Warfronts and the massively epic reopening of Epidemic (probably in Spring/Summer!)

    I'll be back with more news regarding the Mythic Survival update around this weekend.

    Happy Holidays all!

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