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    Hey all!

    So, what started as a simple Credit Store revamp turned into a whole WEBSITE revamp. I've actually been planning to do this a long time but never got the time or energy to follow through with it, until now. Being away from all my proper equipment for so long got me overflowing with energy, so this happened.

    Coming from the old website and being used to how it works, there are certainly going to be a few things that'll seem confusing to you at first, so in this post I'll try my best to explain to you how things work around here, and how to properly navigate this new website.

    What's new?
    • Players who joined HCMCPVP before its initial shutdown in 2015 no longer have a free VIP membership. Instead, they have been awarded the 'Legacy Member' status, which comes with its very own benefits. In-game, you will still benefit from everything a VIP player would, but your name is light blue instead of green. On the website, you also have a banner underneath your profile indicating your Legacy status.
    • Discord integration with the website (on the main page).
    • Legacy Forums containing every single post made by you before the initial shutdown of HCMCPVP in 2015. Those forums are only accessible by Legacy Members.
    What's changed?
    • The Support & Player Report forums have been removed. Instead, those inquiries will be handled in a 1-on-1 conversation with me and future staff members (read: anyone who wants to help me out) using the new Support Ticket system. You can access said system in the top navigation bar, and it is even available for unregistered users!
    • The forums and main website have now been fully merged. This is particularly obvious when looking at the new home page as it now not only displays the subject lines of the news posts, but the entire news post itself. This makes for a much more seamless integration and easier navigation.
    • Premium Memberships are no longer a recurring subscription, but can be purchased for either 1 month at a time, or for lifetime. They are now also purchased using credits instead of real world money, so if you really wanted to, you could farm credits until the end of times and get a lifetime ELITE membership.
    • Premium Memberships are no longer awarded to the top 10 players on the leaderboards, but the top 3, with 1 getting ELITE, 2 getting MASTER and 3 getting VIP, each for one month. This rule starts taking effect in January 2018, more on that in a separate news post.
    • ULTIMATE+ is now called ELITE.
    • Due to the shift from Premium Memberships being purchased with credits, they are currently unavailable until I get the system set up properly. In fact, the entire credit store is currently disabled until I finish migrating it fully (expect it to open some time after Christmas).
    • The forums are now fully MOBILE & TABLET FRIENDLY! It's been a long time coming anyway.
    What's the same?
    • All posts & private messages still exist, with the exception of those made in the Support & Player Report forums.
    • All user avatars remain the same.
    A note about the update:
    Due to the migration to a new forum software, some entries might be duplicated. This means that you may find the same private message sent to/by you multiple times, or double warnings against you that were made in the past. Do not be alarmed by this, as it has no actual effect on you. It's simply a bug that I unfortunately could not work around.

    How to report other bugs you may find on the new website
    This is a new experience for all of us, and I don't doubt that this transition has brought its fair share of bugs. If you encounter anything on the website that doesn't feel right, report it using the new Support Ticket system. As department, select Website/Store Help and describe the bug you encountered.

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